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omote-nashi-picture Welcome to our web-site!
I am CEO of the GRandy MemoRy (GM), Terumi Kinoshima.
To a number of women, I have been teaching not only 1)graceful decorum and behavior in accordance with Japanese tradition, but also 2)the mindset and attitude one can express via that mode of behavior.
omote-nashi-pictureTo assist in Japanese traditional ceremonial occasions for marriage, funeral and ancestral worship (collectively called "Kankon-sousai"), we have dispatched highly capable female staff to more than 50,000 ceremonies to provide various services including:
  • Serve tea and food to ceremony attendees
  • Face-to-face communication that does cares for the emotional state of each attendee
  • Serve as a usherette (guide) within the ceremony hall
  • Courteously send the attendees off
omote-nashi-picture The graceful decorum and behavior that represents the spirit of "omote-nashi" or sincere hospitality embodies the beauty of traditional Japan.
Mastering polite and graceful hospitality skills does not require wearing formal Japanese kimono. By simply training in proper decorum, posture and behavior, your employees and staff will significantly improve the hospitality or omote-nashi skills.
omote-nashi-picture Let's take the traditional Japanese bowing, or "ojigi" for instance.
Did you know that we Japanese express our different states of mind by varying the angle of bowing (posture angle) we make ?
Truly cordial and elegant ojigi sends a very sincere and universally heartwarming message to the other party. Regardless of the country of origin, the party who is being ojigi'd will feel so much satisfied as if he or she is treated as a VIP.
It is no exaggeration to say that appropriate ojigi (Japanese bowing) makes a reception a success.
Wouldn't you be interested in incorporating the ultimate Japanese omote-nashi hospitality style to the restaurants and hotels in your country, and wedding and funeral ceremonies in your area as well?
The elegant and beautiful "omote-nashi" manners shown by your staff will certainly remain as pleasant memories in the hearts of your customers.
If there is any request for training in omotenashi hospitality skills, I will visit your office and offer the necessary training.
Please contact us if you interested.
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